Spirae Wave™ control platform provides a scalable architecture for integrating and managing high levels of renewable and distributed energy resources (DER) to create new value for utilities, service providers and energy consumers.

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Spirae Wave™ Solutions


Spirae Wave™ serves as a DERMS platform for electric distribution operators to reliably operate their systems with high penetrations of renewable energy, storage, electric vehicles, and flexible loads.


Spirae Wave™ gives project developers, aggregators, IPPs and utilities the ability to reliably operate microgrids with portfolios of renewable and distributed energy resources (DER).

Spirae Wave™ Benefits

Reduced Costs

Wave™ gives developers a powerful tool to reduce design and operational costs by optimizing system sizing to yield the greatest ROI.

Rapid Installation

Wave™ streamlines design and configuration of assets and provides end-to-end system commissioning.

Flexible and Scalable

Wave™ can be configured to systems of any size. Its flexible and scalable architecture allows assets to be added, removed or changed.


Wave™ allows users to dynamically set asset and system constraints, system objectives and capabilities, and achieve desired outcomes.

New Business Models

Wave™ gives utilities, developers and aggregators a single platform to manage an entire portfolio of diverse DER for participation in different markets.


Wave™ uses open communications with standard protocols and ensures systems with portfolios of DER are fully compliant with grid codes.

Spirae Wave™ Architecture

Spirae Wave™ is based on a unique layered architecture comprised of both software and hardware elements. Spirae Wave™ seamlessly manages the complexity of operating a distributed energy system, much as an operating system manages the complexity of a computer’s subsystems and its peripheral devices. Spirae Wave™ gives users a simple and intuitive way to manage their power systems using specialized Wave™ Apps that meet their specific needs.

Architecture diagram



Wave™ Apps are managed by the Wave™ Application Manager (WAM). Wave™ Apps are extensions to Wave™ that add business logic to meet user-specific objectives.


System level objectives are carried out by the Distribution Network Manager (DNM). The DNM stores the full representation of the DER portfolio including assets, connectivity, and capabilities of the overall system.


Groups of Assets are hosted and managed by Control Area Managers (CAM). Groups give Spirae Wave™ the ability to aggregate DER into dynamic portfolios assignable to different system capabilities.


An Asset is any distributed energy resource that Spirae Wave™ needs to know about in order to manage the system under its control. Assets are hosted by Energy Resource Managers (ERM). Spirae Wave™ uses a standardized catalog of assets to easily interface with and manage assets.


Spirae Wave’s™ software processes communicate via a dedicated bus called the Wave™ Communications Bus (WCB) that manages transport of time sensitive data.


About Spirae

Spirae is an innovative technology company that delivers scalable smart grid solutions to global partners and customers. Spirae specializes in the integration of large-scale renewable and distributed energy resources, the development of local and wide area controls, energy service platforms and power system simulations.


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