DERMS Solution

DERMS Use Scenarios

Wave™ DERMS gives utilities the ability to leverage Distributed Energy Resources (DER) including conventional and renewable generation, storage efficiency,
and demand response without compromising grid reliability and operations. Utilities use Wave™ DERMS to develop new value streams using DER.

DER Monitoring and Control for Operations Optimization


Optimize grid operations using DER

Spirae Solution

Deploy Spirae Wave™ as a DERMS platform to manage a dynamic portfolio of DER including generation, storage and flexible loads; group, schedule and dispatch DER for meeting operational goals; and carry out advanced grid management functions such as peak load management, variability management, volt/VAR optimization and microgrid operations.


Quickly deploy a flexible and scalable platform that integrates with existing grid operations applications such as SCADA and DMS. Take advantage of distributed intelligence to manage diverse, dynamic, geographically dispersed, and ever changing distributed resources. Roll out solutions incrementally, across the distribution network and across applications, leveraging a common portfolio of DER.

Renewables Integration


Mitigate the adverse effects of unmanaged renewables production on grid operations and minimize the cost of integrating large amounts of renewables for grid de-carbonization.

Spirae Solution

Utilize Spirae Wave’s™ advanced power management and network awareness capabilities to balance power and voltage fluctuations caused by renewables volatility using distributed resources.


Enhance the capability of the existing grid to absorb large amounts of renewables for meeting regulatory and policy mandates, customer demands and grid de-carbonization mandates without compromising stable and reliable grid operations. Utilize distributed smart inverter functions to mitigate issues caused by renewables using the same resources.

Advanced Energy Storage Management


Intelligently manage distributed storage solutions, including smart charging of electric vehicles, to offer new services to customers, manage peak demand, and optimize grid operations.

Spirae Solution

Utilize Spirae Wave’s™ ability to sort DER into groups based on different asset capabilities and its ability to dynamically assign advanced energy and power management functions to distributed storage services to unleash the full potential of DER by location, time, and market opportunities. Leverage high resolution, short time horizon renewables production and volatility forecasting to optimize the use of storage devices as loads or production sources.


Maximize the value of energy storage by optimizing it for end use, grid operations, load-leveling and market participation. Enable any type of energy storage (thermal, electrical or mechanical) to be added to the grid and seamlessly integrated with system operations.

Intelligent Demand Response Integration


Integrate different types of demand response programs (residential, commercial, industrial) from different demand response vendors with real time grid operations information, organize them by their location and characteristics, and create blocks of flexible load resources that can be intelligently dispatched for a variety of applications.

Spirae Solution

Utilize Spirae Wave’s™ ability to interoperate with third party systems to integrate and organize demand response assets into blocks of flexible loads that serve as additional resources within a Utility’s DER portfolio. Leverage built in prediction and analysis engines to create, value and select dispatch schedules across any portfolio of DER.


Convert disparate Demand Response assets into standardized assets within a dynamic DER portfolio and release their latent potential by making them available to multiple applications. Minimize the negative impacts of dispatching arbitrary blocks of demand response to meet system level needs without coordination with distribution network operations.

About Spirae

Spirae is an innovative technology company that delivers scalable smart grid solutions to global partners and customers. Spirae specializes in the integration of large-scale renewable and distributed energy resources, the development of local and wide area controls, energy service platforms and power system simulations.


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July 19

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