Microgrid Solution

Microgrid Use Scenarios

Microgrids are applicable in situations where a collection of energy resources such as generation, storage and demand assets within a defined boundary may be operated as a cohesive system to cost effectively meet facility or corporate energy goals.

Energy Cost

Operating Mode



Commercial facility desires to minimize energy costs, carbon footprint and energy price volatility without incurring significant up front capital costs.

Spirae Solution

Monitoring & Control of DER and loads, Import/Export Control of Real and Reactive Power, Renewable Power Production, Storage Management are all used to enable optimal dispatch of DER to minimize facility energy costs and carbon footprint.


Energy cost reduction through tariff optimization and fuel price certainty through onsite solar and dynamic energy management.

Fuel offset and carbon reduction

Operating Mode



Island resort desires reliable energy infrastructure that operates independent of weak local grid to offset diesel, maximize renewable energy, increase power quality, and
control energy costs.

Spirae Solution

Analytics are used to select system assets that minimize capital expenditures and operating costs. Out of the box capability to run the resort 24x7 in island mode with established power quality parameters; redundancy to support emergency operations.


Energy independence and control over critical infrastructure for resort operations. Predictable costs, minimum exposure to fuel cost volatility, high power quality, and low carbon footprint.


Operating Mode

Normally grid-connected but capable of grid-independent operation during emergencies or grid failure.


University campus in hurricane prone area wants to ensure that it can continue critical operations and serve as safe zone during grid failures during emergencies. University wants the capability to operate major functions for a minimum of seven days and critical functions indefinitely off grid using existing and new assets and to prioritize loads. University prefers 3rd party owner operator to manage infrastructure.

Spirae Solution

Ability to network all campus gensets, renewables and storage systems, implement automatic demand response, ability to align campus load with wholesale power purchase schedule, remote system operations and optimization in normal conditions, local control in emergency conditions.


Remotely manage energy infrastructure, achieve predictable costs, hedge against market price volatility with PV and local resources, ensure high power quality, and low
carbon footprint.

Utility operated Community Microgrid

Operating Mode

Grid connected and grid independent Objective Progressive distribution utility desires to install and operate microgrids in targeted locations within their service territory to defer grid upgrades, provide greater reliability to remote areas, and integrate higher amounts of renewables closer to loads.

Spirae Solution

Utility owned microgrids integrate seamlessly with grid operations applications such as SCADA and DMS. Distributed resources may include a mix of utility owned assets and customer owned assets that are recruited through programs offered by the utility. Welldefined operating modes are available to grid operators such as volt/VAR optimization, renewables balancing, and island operations.


Utility can support load growth in targeted areas without immediate network upgrades. Resiliency of communities served by failure-prone transmission or distribution is enhanced. Remote communities can be served with high penetration renewables without costly system upgrades. Enhancements achieved with minimal impact on existing grid operations systems.

About Spirae

Spirae is an innovative technology company that delivers scalable smart grid solutions to global partners and customers. Spirae specializes in the integration of large-scale renewable and distributed energy resources, the development of local and wide area controls, energy service platforms and power system simulations.


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