Intelligent Demand Response Management

Most utility demand response programs address bulk power reduction by reacting to peak or heavy load incidents that are predicted to occur at the transmission level. These programs typically send a uniform signal to all customers in a region, whether they are industrial, commercial or residential customers, to reduce load on the network and thereby ensure grid stability.

With BlueFin®, this proven approach is enhanced to provide precise, coordinated demand response of assets to support both distribution networks and leverage these assets for use by Transmission Network Operators. These capabilities are possible due to BlueFin’s grid-aware architecture that combines awareness of load and voltage profiles at the system, substation and feeder levels to determine the optimal mix of assets that can be used to support system objectives. For example, a grid operator is able to send a request for load reduction only to assets on a particular feeder to address peak load without notifying other customers in the region. This capability allows utilities the ability to direct their demand response programs in a coordinated way to minimize peaks within networks to permit greater efficiency and reduced costs through peak avoidance.

BlueFin can also be utilized to inform predictions to improve existing utility demand response programs to allow customers planned responses to requests for coordination with in-home devices. These capabilities allow utilities to coordinate with customers to best support individual efficiency and grid operations.

These, and other customizable features can be developed as distinct BlueFin Applications to strengthen system operation with the ability to offer ancillary services beyond the distribution network.

InteGrid Lab

The InteGrid Test and Development Laboratory is one of the largest and most advanced grid simulation laboratories in the world.

Center for Smart Grid Advancement

The Center for Smart Grid Advancement is a collaborative initiative providing a forum for thought leadership and subject matter expertise to address the rapid transformation of the power industry.


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