Power Flow Management

In the past, electricity distribution was dependent on relatively predictable usage patterns that determined load flow neatly from distribution to consumption. Now, however, the integration of increasing numbers of distributed energy resources and new prosumers, consumers who are also producers of energy, present a new set of challenges to grid operators. This stems from the new and variable power flows that accompany diffuse and, at times, unpredictable energy sources. 

While many other firms provide power flow management, Spirae’s distinct, hierarchical controls architecture incorporates and utilizes “on-the-ground” distributed assets to maintain reliability and flow on distribution lines in light of new distributed sources at the distribution level.

By integrating with utility backend systems, including SCADA and other systems to obtain real-time voltage and current information from switch stations, BlueFin® is able to develop an accurate picture of the current state of any branch or section of the distribution network. This allows network operators the ability to reduce VAR flow (reduce reactive power), increase capacity (effective VAR management) and ensure that capacity is not exceeded on lines. By implementing Spirae’s “grid-aware” architecture, utilities can verify and regulate the current state of the power system, to integrate and dispatch distributed resources that would otherwise not be used. This approach delivers greater system efficiency, and allows innovative technologies to be used at significantly higher levels.

About Spirae

Spirae is an innovative technology company that delivers scalable smart grid solutions to global partners and customers. Spirae specializes in the integration of large-scale renewable and distributed energy resources, the development of local and wide area controls, energy service platforms and power system simulations.


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