Field Deployment & System Commissioning

With an expert team of power engineers, Spirae brings significant experience to the deployment and commissioning of our controls solutions from pilot projects to full- scale utility power systems. Deployment of BlueFin® will typically take place after extensive modeling, analysis, and lab validation in the InteGrid Lab.

BlueFin is compatible with most power system protocols, communication protocols, existing SCADA systems, PLC systems, DCS systems and embedded systems.

Our expertise includes protocol implementation and protocol translation for SCADA systems, Remote Terminal Units, IEDs, PLCs, meters and electric vehicles. Typical protocol standards and communication technologies that we work with can be found on the Field Engineering page.

Spirae can also assist with upgrades to distribution system hardware although this is typically performed by the utility with recommendations from Spirae.

InteGrid Lab

The InteGrid Test and Development Laboratory is one of the largest and most advanced grid simulation laboratories in the world.

Center for Smart Grid Advancement

The Center for Smart Grid Advancement is a collaborative initiative providing a forum for thought leadership and subject matter expertise to address the rapid transformation of the power industry.


Ms. Julie Zinn, Spirae’s COO, is reappointed to the Colorado Workforce Development Council

September 11

Spirae is pleased to announce the reappointment of Ms. Julie Zinn, Spirae's Chief Operating Officer, to the Colorado Workforce Development Council…