Power System Modeling & Simulation

Most power system modeling today is not sensitive enough to adequately plan for the addition of renewable and distributed resources. As the number of these resources increase on the electric grid, however, grid managers must be equipped with accurate simulations and information to anticipate and prevent problems in the near future. 

Spirae typically will model the system in its current and future states by using customer schematics, load and generation profiles with the inclusion of DER assets. Spirae will then replicate and test these models in the InteGrid Lab. The software and lab simulations provide an opportunity to address future states that include anticipated assets such as additional rooftop photovoltaic arrays or electric vehicle charging stations, and include “what-if” scenarios to determine the limits of the system and where potential issues might arise.

In addition to the InteGrid Lab, Spirae has the ability to utilize a variety of simulation tools to study the impact of resources prior to deployment, including:

  • MatLab/Simulink/PST
  • DigSILENT (PowerFactory)
  • CYME
  • Milsoft
  • SKM
  • PSS/E.A. High Definition
  • DesignBase (PowerAnalytics)
  • ETAP

In addition to these tools, Spirae has developed innovative modeling techniques that function at a level beneath conventional grid-simulation suites. Developing these new techniques from fundamental differential equations to full-scale simulation tools enables Spirae to build models with unprecedented power and focus.

InteGrid Lab

The InteGrid Test and Development Laboratory is one of the largest and most advanced grid simulation laboratories in the world.

Center for Smart Grid Advancement

The Center for Smart Grid Advancement is a collaborative initiative providing a forum for thought leadership and subject matter expertise to address the rapid transformation of the power industry.


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