Achieving energy independence is a monumental accomplishment for any business, regardless of its size. What does it look like for businesses though? It essentially means that you substantially reduce your intake of power from the main power grid that is shared by the entire city, and instead generate the necessary power on your own. The goal, ultimately, is to be 100% self-sufficient as a business and not rely on the public power grid at all and instead meeting all power demands internally.


Going energy independent is great for your business for a plethora of reasons. The biggest ones being that your business saves money on energy costs, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint which is great for the environment, and it can boost business since people love to buy from environmentally responsible companies.


As a business owner, you may feel like obtaining energy independence is too difficult and time-consuming. But here at Spirae, we specialize in distributed energy resources, smart grid technology, energy monitoring, and more. We make it easier than ever to become energy independent, reduce your business’s carbon footprint, and save your business money long-term. At Spirae, we can do this by implementing three major systems.

Energy Storage

Implementing an energy storage system is a crucial aspect for any business looking to achieve energy independence. In its simplest form, energy storage systems are exactly what they sound like — setting aside energy that can be used later. Energy storage systems give your business a lot of flexibility and control over using any power that is being generated on site. During periods of low energy demand for your business, you can safely and securely store any excess energy. That way when you reach an energy demand that can’t be sustained by the energy being generated on-site, you have an auxiliary power source you can draw from before having to pull energy from the public energy grid.


As an added bonus, if you are generating more energy than you need long-term, you can sell extra energy back to the city and contribute to powering your local community.


A microgrid solution is an intricate web that holds everything together. When you refer to the power grid, you are talking about the larger grid system that powers the entire city. A microgrid or smart grid solution from Spirae is similar to that of a city, but with a few key differences. A smart grid solution is highly-localized, which means that instead of being the grid for the entire city, it’s a grid for a business campus or even a single building. Smart grid technology from Spirae is also different from the main power grid because it’s designed to be significantly more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.


Wave® from Spirae is our proprietary software system that really brings the whole system to life. A smart grid solution and energy storage system without the proper software won’t do your business much good. Wave® is our system that allows you to easily control your distributed energy resources technology and makes being an energy independent business much easier than ever before. Without getting into too much detail, Wave® can:


  • Reduce overall energy costs
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Enable stacking, which determines the best times to dispatch energy
  • Increase your flexibility in the DER technology you can employ
  • Lower initial investment into energy independence
  • Maximize renewables by offsetting the demand for non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels


We know that energy independence for your business can sometimes seem confusing and overwhelming. That’s why at Spirae, we help make your life easier by making everything as simple and easy to use as possible. If you are interested in achieving energy independence for your business, contact us at Spirae today.