Introducing Wave Energy Storage Management

Spirae Wave has capabilities specifically designed for managing energy storage devices. It can connect to any type of energy storage technology from any storage vendor and bring all resources under common control. Users can choose any storage technology or vendor with the confidence that it can easily be integrated into the Wave Energy Storage Management system.

Once storage devices are commissioned in the field and connected to Wave, users can combine them into different groups and schedule them for operations either manually or automatically.

The Wave Planning Engine allows users to take load and renewables forecasts into account and plan optimal dispatch strategies across multiple use cases. Dispatch plans may be automatically scheduled and dispatched by Wave or manually scheduled for dispatch after operator review.

Spirae Wave is an innovative control platform that combines the best of industrial controls for advanced power and energy management with a flexible, scalable, and adaptable software architecture for managing any type of DER from anywhere.


-Monitor individual asset and group properties, states, and alarms

-Set parameters such as min and max active and reactive power limits, preferred state of charge, min and max state of charge, charge and discharge rates, etc. at both individual asset or group levels

-Issue commands to individual assets or groups manually or schedule them for automatic dispatch

  • State of Charge (SOC) Management
  • Active/Reactive Power Input/Output
  • Active/Reactive Power Import/Export Limiting
  • Frequency Response Dispatch
  • Net Energy Firming


Reduced Costs
Wave’s vendor-neutral energy storage management system, with plug and play capabilities, reduces storage fleet operations costs from equipment selection and integration to application configuration and integration across many use cases.

The planning engine allows users to determine optimal dispatch strategies to maximize benefits capture across many use cases.