We empower global customers and partners to pursue rapidly emerging opportunities using highly scalable distributed control systems and energy solutions. By applying our diverse expertise in planning, modeling, design, lab testing, and field validation, we will become the leading platform provider for Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS)-based advanced distribution network operations, secure microgrids, and grid-responsive energy services.


Spirae will lead innovation in active distribution network management for the rapidly changing electric power system.


At Spirae, you will find a team that welcomes challenge. “Figuring it out” is our mode of operation and innovation is the norm.

We work in partnership with each other and with our customers, technology partners, and end- users to develop and deliver the best solutions possible.

We lead innovation in our field and seek to make a significant positive impact through our work and solutions.

Spirae cultivates a learning environment where we adapt, revise, and improve based on experience and a constantly changing environment.

We especially value creativity, high caliber work, commitment to quality, humor, diversity, and friendliness in our employees.