Spirae’s CEO Sunil Cherian and Peter Asmus from Navigant, co-author, publish white paper entitled Liberating Microgrids (and all DER). This publication puts forward not only a vision for microgrids, but Spirae’s vision for Wave®.

Liberating Microgrids Webinar – with Navigant, Spirae, Intel and Caterpillar

At this webinar, Spirae’s CEO Sunil Cherian, Peter Asmus from Navigant, Geoff Sharples from Intel, and Darrin Johnston from Caterpillar explore perspectives on what is and what is not a microgrid and challenge long-standing assumptions about microgrids, pointing to a new way to grow markets for distributed energy resources (DER) projects at scale.

In order to scale DER-based energy services, service providers are turning to plug-and-play-type microgrids as strategic service delivery assets. It is all about standardization, simplification, and personalization. An intelligent site gateway connected to a service provider’s headend system enables the provisioning of many energy services to those sites. When deployed to site gateways, sophisticated microgrid software auto-discovers compatible DER and configures them for integrated operations. Simple user interfaces give individual site owners full access to their systems while simultaneously allowing remote DER network operators to manage the system as a whole. When service providers and customers work together to leverage DER to meet clearly defined objectives, DER projects are fast and easy to deploy. Activating energy services at new locations will look much more like Comcast turning on TV and Internet services at a new location than like building a new power plant!